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Ch. Donalen Just A Rumour

Although I grew up with dogs, it wasn't until 1981 the Donalen Kennel was established while I was exhibiting and breeding Shih Tzu. I was fortunate to have owned and/or bred 30 champions, the last one pictured here, including Group and Specialty winners. Then, while I was at a show one weekend, I attended a Rare Breed Tournament and was introduced to the friendly, happy, and outgoing Lowchen. It was love at first sight and I started my quest to obtain one of these adorable creatures, totally unaware of how difficult this task was going to be.

After a diligent and sometimes frustrating search, I managed to obtain a male who was a direct descendent of the original English imports to Canada The following year I obtained his half sister and later imported two more English bred Lowchen. All Donalen Lowchen are direct off spring of my original four dogs.

The health of our dogs is the number one priority at Donalen and to this end, only mature, outstanding, health tested Lowchen are used in our breeding program. As a result, when you acquire a puppy from us you will receive a copy of Certificates from Ontario Veterinary College and Board Certified Opthamologists   stating the parents of your puppy are clear of any indication of hip dysplasia or eye problems.

Our breeding program has resulted in producing generations of Lowchen with outstanding temperaments. They have short, broad heads with large round dark eyes and a warm trusting expression. They are built with sound movement, level toplines, beautiful tea cup tails and a smooth effortless gait. The flowing coat is fine and silky with a slight wave but not curly.

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