Lowchen In Agility:

Canine Agility is a competitive sport consisting of a dog and handler team in which the handler directs the dog through a set course of obstacles. The objective is to negotiate each of the obstacles cleanly and complete the course in the shortest amount of time.

Since agility began in the U.K. it has expanded into the rest of Europe and has flourished in nearly every developed country in the world. For approximately 12 years now, agility has become the fastest growing dog sport in Canada with thousands of participants. In certain areas of Canada there are agility trials hosted almost every other weekend.

There have been some very hard working and dedicated owners who have competed in agility here in Ontario with their Donalen Lowchen. My introduction to agility was through Barbara Gray,Blenheim, Ontario with her Lowchen, Ch. Donalen Cherchez La Femme, better known as “Kelsey”.

Barb first showed Kelsey in confirmation where he not only obtained his championship but became Canada’s Top Lowchen in 2000. Barb then started training Kelsey in agility where he attained a NADAC Novice B Jumpers Title with 2 Firsts in the 16” Division.

Some photos of Kelsey and Barb in action.