Canadian History:

The first Lowchen arrived in Canada in 1975, imported by Mr. J. R. Russell. It was a male, Rossglen Beaux Yeux, whelped 30.09.74 and was bred by Mrs. P. J. Dutson of England. No other information is available about this import.

The next import came in 1977, a female, Littlecourt Victoria, whelped 08.05.77, bred by Mrs. Freda McGregor of England and imported by Mrs. Gwen H. Appell. This was the first of three dogs she imported. The next came in 1978, a male, Huntglen Gunter, whelped 19.04.77, bred by Mrs. M. U. Harper of England, followed in 1983 by another male, Firefly of Littlecourt, whelped 23.10.78, bred by Mrs. McGregor. These three imports formed the foundation of the Lowchen in Canada. We will be indebted forever to Mrs. Freda McGregor for parting with her beloved Littlecourt Lowchen and to Mrs. Appell who established the breed in Canada.

In late 1989 and early 1990, four more Lowchen were imported into Canada from the Duncara Kennel in England by Mrs. Kim Schmidt to augment the gene pool. The first was a male, Duncara Victorian Trouble, whelped 16.10.87, followed by two females, Eng. Ch. Duncara Nuit de Chanson, whelped 19.09.84, and Cleeview Victorian Gem, whelped 04.12.86, and another male, Duncara Nutty But Heavenly, whelped 20.09.89. More recently, Lowchen have been imported from the United States (Ashford, Lambert and Galaxy kennels), England (Melfield, Duncara and Hanovarian kennels), and Australia (Elguarda and Chismene kennels).

The Lowchen is still very young in Canada, but its popularity is gaining in leaps and bounds.

There is a small number of breeders and obtaining a puppy usually requires a reservation with a breeder. This also means we must be ever so diligent in our goal to promote and protect the breed to ensure it does not fall into the hands of unscrupulous backyard breeders and pet stores.

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